Mary Beth Ruskai

Gender, Women and Science

1. Open Letter on Feminism in Science: Letter to the editor of the Newsletter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) 16(3), 4-6 (May-June, 1986) Download pdf

2. Gender and Science, an expanded version of an invited talk for the AWM panel on Gender and Science at the AMS-MAA joint summer mathematics meeting (Univ. of Utah, August, 1987), AWM Newsletter 17(6), 5-10 (November-December, 1987)

3. How Stereotypes about Science Affect the Participation of Women: invited talk in panel Women in Physics: Why So Few? APS/AAPT/AAAS meeting (San Francisco, January 1989)

4. Why Women Are Discouraged from Studying Science:

5. Are There Innate Cognitive Gender Differences? Some Comments on the Evidence in Response to a Letter from M. Levin:

6. More comments on the Math SAT Gender Gap: AWM Newsletter 21(2), 16-18 (March-April, 1991); excerpts reprinted in CSWP Gazette 11(2), 5 (April, 1991).

7. Are "Feminist Perspectives" in Mathematics Feminist?

8. Myths about the Role of Marital Status in Career Advancement; AWM Newsletter 24(3), 9–11 (May-June, 1994) Download pdf

9. Contribution to Panel on Trends in US Mathematics pp. 126-129, Proceedings of the NSA Women in Mathematics Symposium (National Security Agency, November, 1993) Download pdf

Mary Beth Ruskai speaking at Barry Simon's 60th birthday celebration

10. Time for Advancement, MAA Focus 14(6), 25-28 (December 1994)

11. Reviews of Educating Women for Success in Science and Mathematics by S.V. Rosser and B. Kelly, and two related books by J. Sanders Download pdf

Solicited by NWSA Journal, but REJECTED Download pdf

12. Remarks to the Mathematics and Physical Science Group at the December 1995 NSF Conference on Women and Science Download pdf

13. Thoughts on Affirmative Action: AWM Newsletter 26(2), 10–15 (March-April, 1996) Download pdf / Article text Download pdf

14. Response to "Induction vs Deduction": CSWP Gazette 23(1), p  6 (Spring, 2004)

15. Op-Ed comments on Summers remarks

16. Chair of AMS-ASA-AWM-IMS-MAA-NCTM-SIAM Joint Committee on Women in the Mathematical Sciences, 1993-95

17. Letter to the NY Times on Women Who Choose Engineering in response to an Op-Ed entitled How to Attract Female Engineer.

18. A Few Bad Guys in the Lab Can Cause Women a Lot of Harm Contribution requested by NY Time for its Room for Debate discussion on Sexism in Science (June 11, 2015).

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