Mary Beth Ruskai

Other Professional Activities

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Book Reviews and Miscellaneous Publications

  1. Semi-classical Analysis for the Schrödinger Operator and Applications by B. Helffer (Springer-Verlag, 1988), for Math. Rev. 90c:81043.
  2. MathCAD for the Macintosh, for AMS Notices 37, 15 (Jan., 1990).
  3. Quantum Theory in America by K. Sopka, for Radcliffe Quarterly pp. 2829 (June, 1992).
  4. Wavelets: Applications and Algorithms by Y. Meyer, for Mathematical Intelligencer 17, 70-73 (1995).
  5. How Steep Can a Mountain Be? How High?, unpublished.
  6. The World According to Wavelets by B.B.Hubbard for American Scientist 85(1), 85-86 (1997).
  7. Response to Graham: The Quantum View, Mathematical Intelligencer 23(1) 2329 (2001).
  8. Confusion about Bohm, Mathematical Intelligencer 23(4) 2327 (2001). Written partially in response to Social influences on quantum mechanics?-I and Social influences on quantum mechanics?-II

Commentary in AMS Notices

  1. AMS Redirects Centennial Fellowship to Young Mathematicians, AMS Notices 42, 680681 (June, 1995) [with R. Zimmer].
  2. Editorial on Elementary Math Education AMS Notices, 42, 740 (July, 1995).
  3. Whither Democracy?, Editorial for AMS Notices 43, 188 (February, 1996).
  4. Whom Does the AMS Represent?, Editorial for AMS Notices 43, 740 (July, 1996).
  5. Evaluating Student Evaluations, Editorial for AMS Notices 44, 308 (March, 1997).
  6. A Community in Crisis, Editorial for AMS Notices 44, 1428 (December, 1997).
  7. What Do Engineers Really Want?, Opinion column for AMS Notices 45, 221 (February, 1998).
  8. The Decline of Science, Opinion column for AMS Notices 45, 565 (May, 1998). Spanish translation in Informe de Investigaciones Educativas, Open University of Venezuela.
  9. Improving the Job Search, Editorial for AMS Notices 45, 1316 (November, 1998). [with A. Knapp]
  10. A Review of "Featured Reviews", Opinion column for AMS Notices 46, 517 (May, 1999).
  11. Opinion and Responsibility, Opinion column for AMS Notices 46, 1349 (December, 1999).


Editorial Work

Communications in Mathematical Physics (Springer)
Associate Editor for papers on quantum information theory (2003-2013)

Journal of Mathematical Physics (AIP)
Associate Editor for papers on Quantum Information and Computation (2008-present)
Editorial Board Member, (2001-3003 and 2007-2009)
Chair of review panel (October, 2001)
Co-Editor of September, 2002 Special Issue on Quantum Information Theory (This issue received an award of Honorable Mention for "Best Single Issue of a Journal" from the American Association of Publishers)
Co-Editor of January, 2016 Special Issue on Operator Algebras and Quantum Information Theory

International Journal of Quantum Information (World Scientific Press, Singapore)
Editorial Board Member (2009-present)

International Journal of Quantum Chemistry (Wiley)
Advisory Editorial Board (1996-2000)

Notices of the American Mathematical Society
Editorial Board Member (1994-1999)

Co-Editor (with M. Loss) of Inequalities: Selecta of E. Lieb (Springer, 2002)

Editor-in-Chief, Wavelets and Their Applications (Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 1992)
co-edited with G. Beylkin, R. Coifman, I. Daubechies, S. Mallat, Y.  Meyer, L. Raphael